Test the energy-saving mode.

Everything you might want to know about bidding with SchnapperPro.
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Test the energy-saving mode.

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In order to wake your computer from suspension for placing bids some conditions must be fulfilled:
-The computer has to be an ACPI system. This has become the standard for all computers about three years ago.
- All ACPI system add-ons must be installed.
- No login must be required after reactivating.

You can easily find out if the reactivating works on your computer by using the internal SchnapperPro wake up test.

These are the most common problems and solutions:
The computer cannot be reactivated at all:
-On some old computers there is no ACPI. Unfortunately a time-controlled reactivating is not possible here.
-The task scheduler is paused or not activated.
Activate the task scheduler in 'Control Panel' -> 'Task Scheduler' -> 'Advanced'.
If you cannot start the task scheduler there it may be completely deactivated. You can change that in 'Control Panel' -> 'Administration' -> 'Services'.
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