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  • Are you fed up with getting outbid at the end of an auction?
  • Are you tired of sitting in front of your computer, constantly rechecking an auction just to try and be the last bidder?
  • Are you concerned about disclosing your eBay password to third parties?
  • Do you want to have the best chance possible to win any eBay auction?
  • Do you want to save time and energy?

Then you NEED to use a Schnapper program!

Our Schnapper sniper programs will optimize your bidding on eBay.

You can choose from two different versions:
SchnapperPlus - which handles the complete bidding process from start to finish or,
SchnapperPro - the answer for professionals, which is perfectly equipped to make successful bidding a walk in the park!
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See how intuitive and easy these sniper programs are to use.
Try both Schnapper programs for 30 days - free!
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Why are Schnapper snipers so unique?

  • The bidding function is self-operating and automatically adapts to the eBay website format.
  • You can bid on as many items concurrently as you want and increase your chance of winning by maximizing your bid efficiency.
  • Schnapper automatically bids for you up to your maximum bid, but holds off until the last seconds of the auction, saving you money! It even reactivates your computer from hibernation to bid on an item for you, saving you time and energy! Let Schnapper do the work for you!
  • Item updates and imports are extremely fast due to the use of multi-channel technology.

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Simply bid on any item using Schnapper, sit back, and relax!
Let Schnapper do the work!

Try SchnapperPro 30 days -
for free.
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Try SchnapperPlus 30 days -
for free.
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SchnapperPlus is safe to download

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