How to add items.

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How to add items.

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The easy way

Start SchnapperPro while watching an item to add the item automatically. If SchnapperPro is already running and you want to add an item you are currently watching just restart SchnapperPro by clicking the SchnapperPro button (this adds the item and pops the programm on top). You can of course also click the 'Add item' button on the SchnapperPro surface.
This is an extremely fast and easy way. Watching items with SchnapperPro is therefore way more comfortable than with 'My eBay'.

The smart way

This is the common drag & drop way with different options:
  • - Drag the short item description from the search result site on eBay and drop it on the SchnapperPro item list.

    - Drag the item number of the item you want to watch and drop it on the item list.
    This also works with eMails: If you get an eMail from eBay informing you that new items according your saved search are listed, just drag the eMail and drop it on the item list. All items contained in that eMail are now added.
    Just as well you can drag any link directing to an item (it will always contain the item number) and drop it on SchnapperPro.
Clue: If your browser window is maximized you can't drop the item on SchnapperPro. In this case leave the mouse cursor on the SchnapperPro icon in the task bar for a moment. This pops SchnapperPro on top and you can drop the item.

The provident way

Watching items on 'My eBay' is complicated, confusing and slow.
It does however have an advantage: You save items on server sites. This means you can add items sitting in your office at work and access them from at home.
That is why SchnapperPro is equipped with the 'Import 'My eBay'' button. Clicking this button imports all items saved in 'My eBay'.
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