What does 'Group' mean?

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What does 'Group' mean?

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Grouping items is most important for bargain hunters. As soon as SchnapperPro has successfully bid on one grouped item the program won't bid on other items of the same group. Or the other way round: SchnapperPro will bid on the items of a group until you are finally successful with your maximum bid.

Grouping items is very simple: Just tag one or several items, enter any text into the 'Group' input field and confirm with the 'Group' button.

For example:
You want to buy a WLAN card so you add 50 fitting items in SchnapperPro.

Since you don't want to spend more than $15 you enter 15 minus shipping costs into the bid box. By enabling the accordant box SchnapperPro can even automatically discount the shipping costs. Then you tag all WLAN items and write WLAN into the 'Group' field. Don't forget to activate SchnapperPro by clicking the 'Start' button.
Now SchnapperPro will place your bid until it is finally successful. All other bids will automatically be deleted.

If you want to buy several items just add the desired number to the group note, seperated by a colon. So if you needed three WLAN cards you would enter WLAN:3 into the 'Group' field.

Dependent bids

Sometimes you want to bid on an item only after you've successfully bid on another item. This is also quite simple.

For example:
You want to buy a camera and, if you've successfully bid on the camera, matching batteries.

Group the cameras with Cam and the batteries with if:Cam Batt .
SchnapperPro will only start bidding on the batteries when it's successfully bid on a camera. The battery group note will then automatically be changed to Batt . If a group note starts with if: the bid won't be placed.
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